About Us

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Life with a Companion

A decision I made when the world, including me, was stunned by the pandemic crisis of covid -19.

Yes…..SAHAPAADI stems from the intention of encouraging, supporting and assisting people around me through an online arena.

Welcome to SAHAPAADI SEVA KENDRA, the number one source of all services that can be faithfully achieved. We are dedicated to providing you quality services with a focus on 3 pillars i.e.: uniqueness, loyalty, and branding.

The world of students drove me to do intense research in this field and I invested all my hard work to succeed in this online platform.

It’s your life coach… Of course, having a coach with you will have an identity and uniqueness to your life.

Who We Are

The theory of one ‘One Window for All Students’…..

This New Bud Sahapaadi is an enterprise that brings a lot of services under one ceiling. The Sahapaadi progresses by paying compassion to the basics of each student. Based on 18 years of experience, we work with a vast community with the realization that this is not something that can be done independently.
SAHAPAADI, which acts as a student’s companion, is a supportive and inspiring shade for those around you. Our motive is to secure the future of the students by providing reliable services. That is why we have built an ecosystem here where everyone can interact.
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Director's Note

“Progress of any nation, is in the hands of its children”.
Education is the basis of all progress. Over 18 years of experience in the Gurukualm Foundation have taught me that progress is possible only we attain well education.As part of this, Sahapaadi Seva Kendra, which is the public service sector of the Gurukualm, contributes a wide range of services to the people. At a time when education is so fundamental, Shishya was born with the concept of ​​how to get free education to children. And finally, the Shishya succeeds in overwhelming the imperfections of the many institutions that operate in the field of education. And I am confident that this platform is an adequate place for students.